How to choose a place for a wedding celebration?

  • This issue probably plagues all couples, and among the many promotional offers from landlords, it’s hard to catch up. In fact, gathering information online will take a lot of time, so it’s helpful to clearly define what you’re looking for before you search. The main criteria are geographical location, number of guests, environmental requirements and the duration of the celebration, as well as price limits. Already know this? Then you can start searching!

Where to celebrate a wedding in your city

Your city is a really common choice. It is cozy, familiar, does not need to go far, neither for itself nor for most guests. Depending on what city you live in, of course, the choice of wedding venue venues also varies. You will always find a cozy wedding restaurant or a hotel with a banquet hall, and in larger or resort towns this choice is complemented by well-arranged rural tourism homesteads and country villas.

When choosing a wedding venue in your city, it is very convenient to see more options and choose when you visit them: you don’t have to go far, and some places you may have already visited yourself or acquaintances.

The most popular places to celebrate a wedding

  • The largest supply stimulates competition, and the latter raises the quality of services. Wedding photographers who take part in many weddings notice that the most popular places are located around major cities and Lithuanian resorts. If some couples choose an emotionally significant place in their city, then others give priority to the interior and exterior of the premises, the place of the celebration and as a result are determined to cover a couple of hundred kilometers - Lithuania is not big. In this case, couples are often consulted by wedding photographers who have visited many places and seen how the chosen hall can be decorated, what mistakes other couples may have made.

Choosing a beautiful setting focuses on photos, so wedding photographers can advise on how to prepare for great results and for newlyweds to be proud of their wedding album. If the celebration is planned in the summer, during the warm season, it is important not only the interior, but also the local environment. Couples like to move part of the celebration outside, a photo session to the beautiful corners of nature nearby.

Celebrate a wedding abroad

  • Advances in modern technology are much less restrictive of the choices of all of us, and thus of newlyweds. One of them is the choice of the geographical location of the wedding. When choosing a place for a wedding, modern couples do not necessarily look at Lithuanian cities, because it is possible to get married and have fun in many parts of the world. Due to various legal obstacles and travel prices, European countries are most often chosen. Italy, Spain, Greece - popular honeymoon destinations with a great climate and a full range of services for weddings.

Wedding photographers notice that couples abroad pay a lot of attention to the wedding photo session, but at the same time everything is much simpler. The warm climate, unusual or even exotic nature allows you to relax and feel the holiday mood. In addition, wedding planners say that weddings abroad, if cleverly planned, will definitely not cost more than the same holiday in Lithuania.